Retirement and Vacation Homes

For the last few years you’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing a vacation property or retirement home next to your favorite golf course.  What are you waiting for?  There are many factors in the real estate market that have conspired to make this a very good time to buy. Here are a just a few.

Even though we are experiencing a post-boom market, continuing low mortgage rates combined with larger inventory and more reasonable pricing have created an excellent window of opportunity for the buyer.

Over the past 20 years we experienced one of the longest running fiscal expansions in history, resulting in financial affluence for many people. This growth brought an extraordinary equity increase in primary residences and provided extra financial strength for those who are entering their retirement years. 

The unpredictability of the stock market has many investors seeking the relative stability of the real estate market.  And even though the market in general is slowing, the second home sector will be a strong investment for years to come.

Representing High-End Real Estate

Selling a multi-million-dollar home is a creative challenge, and not every real estate agent is up to it.  What criterion should you apply in choosing a Realtor to list and promote an exclusive property?

First and foremost, look for a real estate professional who demonstrates in-depth knowledge of the luxury home market.  Ask the realtor how many high-end homes they have successfully represented, how long each took to sell, and how the asking price compared with the final sale price.  The agent should have experience in working with the attorneys and business managers of wealthy clients, and a reputation for complete discretion.  Their marketing plan should verify familiarity with global Internet marketing and international business practices.  Their listing presentation should convince you that they value and esteem your home as much as you do, and that they are willing and able to provide extraordinary service to find the right buyer. 

A highly effective and experienced agent with extensive connections in the luxury marketplace will be an invaluable asset in the process of buying and selling high-end homes. 


Homes for the Holidays

homes-holidaysMany people hesitate to place their home on the market during the holiday season, thinking prospective buyers are too busy with holiday activities to bother with looking at homes they might purchase.  However, historical data shows the holiday period to be a very good time to find a buyer.

People often have more time available during the holidays to inspect homes and make a purchase.  Also, with a certain number of owners holding off with listing their homes for sale until after the holidays, the competition with other similar properties on the market is lessened.  Considering all factors, the holiday period is a strategic time to list your home for sale.  During this time, prospective buyers tend to be more serious and committed to the idea of getting the deal done.

From a buyer’s perspective, the holidays are also a great time to seek out a home.  There is more free time to work with their Realtor in researching the market and inspecting selected homes.  And, if you find the right property, it becomes the centerpiece of your holiday celebrations; a special way to spend this year’s bonus and look forward to what next year will bring.