Location is key in the luxury market

Valuation of any home takes into account its size, features, condition and location.  Of these factors, location is the one element that cannot be altered.  A home in a high demand location will always represent a greater market value than a comparable home in a less desirable location.  Buyers who can afford to pay top dollar for a select property usually choose homes priced in the top ten percent of the market in the finest locations. 


Proximity to the finest goods and services is important for luxury homebuyers who maintain an active social calendar.  These buyers want access to high-end boutiques, five-star restaurants and catering, spa facilities and cultural venues such as theater, concerts and art galleries. Upscale home and condo prices have skyrocketed in and around many of the nation’s predominant cities and associated suburban areas. 


Locations that offer outstanding recreational opportunities in exquisite natural surroundings are another strong preference for luxury homebuyers. Beachfront and inland coastal properties in neighborhoods that offer breathtaking ocean views are in high demand.  Second-home investments keep property values strong in upscale seaside resort areas.

 The best locations offer the best real estate investment potential.

Live near your favorite playground

          More Americans than ever before in history can afford to buy or build a second home, and guess where they are investing?  They want to live near their favorite recreation spots.  Real estate sales in the most popular “adult playgrounds” have climbed steadily over the past decade, despite variable economic conditions.  Second-home investments are predicted to remain stable, even though the overall housing market has slowed down.


          Homebuyers select locations for their recreational homes based on the leisure activities they most enjoy.  Water sports are at the top of the list, and some of America’s most beautiful and valuable real estate offers beach access.  If the buyer owns a yacht and loves deep-sea sport fishing, sailing or water-skiing, he or she will search for a home with proximity to good marina facilities on one of the coasts.  Florida, California, Cape Cod and the Carolinas are preferred locations. 

           Call me if you want a detached single-family residence, a resort condominium or a choice parcel of land on which to build your custom home. 

Will the real golf nut please stand up?

When golf is your game, you naturally want to live near the playing field, and that means a world-class signature golf course.  Golf enthusiasts can take their pick among dozens of exclusive golf communities across the nation offering beautiful custom homes and estates in golfer-friendly settings.  If you are ready to retire, purchase a vacation home or simply relocate to a climate where year-round golf is a possibility, here are some opportunities to consider.

Each upscale golf development offers unique estate homes designed to harmonize with the environment or follow an architectural theme.  Each development also provides a distinctive lifestyle experience.  You may be attracted to a secluded gated community that offers luxury Mediterranean villas nestled among rolling hills, surrounded by acres of park, walking trails and nature preserves. Or you might choose a full-service urban resort located minutes from a major metropolitan area with access to excellent educational, cultural and medical institutions.  Both should offer a fabulous golf course and lodge complete with spa, fitness center, pool, terrace and fine dining. 

I can help you select your preferred architecture, location and amenities.