Top Luxury Condo Locations for Baby Boomers in Miami

When the children leave home to go to college or start a new path, many baby boomers are finding that they have the desire to downsize, but don’t want to lose the luxury lifestyle of a bigger home and exclusive community. In Miami, we are lucky enough to have many neighborhoods that offer luxurious charm in the form of condo units and a luxury lifestyle incorporated into residential offerings.

National data from CoreLogic, BLS, and Freddie Mac have documented the house to condo trend that is happening now with baby boomers downsizing. From 2010 to 2015, there was an increase in the number of baby boomers moving into multifamily units that has freed up nearly 100,000 single-family homes across the country. Boomers are deciding that they don’t want the high-maintenance of a house and instead want to keep the luxury amenities such as accessibility to water, dock space, modern gyms and spas, and options for covered parking without the stress of maintaining a large home.

For the downsizing baby boomers, here are the top luxury condo locations in Miami.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is exploding with new luxury commercial and residential real estate projects. With exciting new opportunities for the CocoWalk complex and luxury condo buildings with shimmering water views creating a live/play reality in the area, the Grove is becoming one of the most popular places for downsizing homeowners.

Featured Condo: Stunning two bedroom, two and a half bath unit overlooking the sailboats in Biscayne Bay. With 12-foot ceilings, new flooring, spacious patios, spa-quality baths and closets, and many other luxury amenities, this unit is absolutely perfect for anyone looking to maintain their lifestyle in a more manageable property. The unit at 2627 Bayshore Drive is available for viewing and purchase. Please contact us to learn more.

Deering Bay

By moving into a condo in Deering Bay, you are giving yourself a golfer’s dream of a lifestyle. With sweeping views of the water and surrounding greens, Deering Bay offers a beautiful Oceanside club community within Coral Gables. The small, private community offers world-class golf and tennis and boasts South Florida’s only waterfront, Arnold Palmer championship golf course. Set amongst the South Florida landscape, Deering Bay provides an escape from the hustle of the city with just the right amount of luxury.

Fisher Island

For something a little harder to access for the general public, consider an exclusive condo on Fisher Island. This little island off of Miami Beach is only accessible by a short ferry ride, but it feels worlds away from the mainland. With seaside golf, luxury spas, plenty of tennis, and unrivaled service, the Fisher Island Club offers all of the amenities of an exclusive club on one of the world’s most exquisite private islands. Only minutes from entertainment and dining in Miami Beach or Downtown, Fisher Island condo-living offers a secluded refined lifestyle desired by many but attainable by only a few.

Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour is an exclusive little village in the North Miami Beach area that provides world-class amenities and housing. By offering impeccable style and endless fine dining and shopping, Bal Harbour is a destination for all who crave a bit of sparkle. Making Bal Harbour your home means stepping into a paradise reserved for the elite. A condo in Bal Harbour will give access to pristine beaches and an enviable luxurious way of living.

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Florida Continues to be a Low Tax Business-Friendly State

One of the many perks of living in Florida, and one that brings people to South Florida to invest in real estate, is the favorable state tax laws. With the second lowest tax burden on personal income in the country, Florida proves to be a prime destination for high earners and investors.

Income Advantages

Florida is one of seven states without a personal income tax, which is a major financial advantage. According to the Florida TaxWatch 2018 report, Florida per capita state and local revenue collections total $5,679, ranked 42nd of the 50 states.

Business-Friendly Tax Laws

The state is also friendly to business owners who choose to make Florida their home. Since 2011, 75 percent of Florida businesses were exempted from corporate income tax, which has saved these businesses $50 million a year. This puts the money directly back into business owners’ pockets, which can then be used to invest in real estate to further boost income and total asset value.

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Hottest Home Resort-Style Features This Summer

Here in South Florida, we are lucky enough to live in a paradise that feels like a place many in the world only see on vacation. This wonderful feeling translates into how we can design our homes to feel more like a resort than merely just a dwelling. In fact, resort-style living can be an everyday reality for luxury homeowners in Miami.

From indoor resort features such as spa bathrooms and wine tasting rooms to outdoor features such as stunning infinity pools that disappear into the ocean, or tropical Zen gardens that make you feel relaxed and worlds away, the luxury amenities accessible to Miami homeowners are endless. Relax with us as we go through five must-have resort-style features for your Miami luxury home.

Resort-Style Pools

It’s no secret that it gets hot in Miami, and the best way to cool down is in a luxurious resort-style pool. From endless infinity pools and infinity spas with waterfront views to Olympic-sized lap pools, every luxury home in Miami should have a beautiful pool to lounge by and enjoy.

Sports Courts and Indoor Gyms

Year-round warm weather means that you can play tennis and shoot some hoops from January to December. Therefore, make the best of your luxury property by including your favorite sports court for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you enjoy indoor bowling or practicing on your very own backyard putting green, create the active resort-style life you would most enjoy.

Include a yoga studio or Pilates bar in an indoor gym for extra stretching and toning. With many styles of luxury gym equipment to choose from, there’s no excuse to have anything less than what inspires you the most to hit the weights in your resort-style gym.

Wine Tasting Room

For those who love to entertain or enjoy spending time at the wineries of Napa, try including a wine cellar and tasting room in your luxury home. An entertaining and innovative room in the home, wine cellars and tasting rooms can provide a unique feature to your already beautiful home. From traditional brick to sleek and modern, wine tasting rooms range in design, but all cellars create an atmosphere of sophistication that will only enhance the resort feel of your home.

Spa Bathrooms

Who doesn’t love a day at the spa? With your very own spa amenities, you can have a day at the spa each and every time you enter your bathroom. From rainfall showers to waterfall jets, steam rooms and towel warmers, your very own luxurious spa bathroom is a perfect addition to your resort-style home.

Outdoor Amenities and Waterfront Views

Of course, the ultimate resort-style feature of a Miami luxury home is a waterfront view. Some of the homes in South Florida have internationally enviable views of skyline cityscapes and stunning blue ocean and bay. With such incredible views, you’ll need additional features to complement them. This is where you should consider large outdoor entertaining spaces with grills and private cabanas, or even a beautiful garden that will wow guests with its tropical colors and creative landscaping. Enhancing your outdoors space to resemble a resort should be on the top of the list of any Miami luxury homeowner.

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