Game, set, match! Where to Play Tennis in Miami

As the fitness trend in Miami grows, outdoor sports such as tennis have evolved into a trendy social hobby that also has players breaking a sweat and staying healthy. Miami offers residents access to multiple public tennis courts where they can step up their “social game” while working on their tennis skills.


Crandon Park Tennis Center in Key Biscayne offers the unique opportunity to play where some of the world’s best tennis players compete in the Miami Open. The property offers 26 courts in total, 18 of which are Laykold cushioned hard courts with seven lighted for night reservations. The remaining 8 courts are American green clay. The tennis center offers guests the best in customer service at its full-service pro shop, which is fully stocked with the latest equipment and apparel.


In Miami Beach, you’ll find the most competitive matches at the Flamingo Park Tennis Center. Flamingo Park’s expansive tennis facilities include 17 public tennis courts and a pro shop with state-of-the-art equipment, designer apparel and same-day racquet stringing. The highlight of the Flamingo Park facilities is the workshops. Both provate and public lessons are available for juniors and adults on a daily basis and are taught by some of the best tennis pros in the county.


Coral Gables’ Salvadore Park is the number one tennis destination in the area for multiple reasons. The park’s lush landscaping shades its 13 hard and clay courts, some of which are equipped with lighting for night matches. The park is located in the heart of Coral Gables, only minutes away from the restaurants and shops of Miracle Mile.

There’s No Excuse to Skip the Gym When it’s Down the Hall

Whether you’re an avid exerciser or looking for a way to make it impossible to skip your daily workout, building a home gym is a great way to make the most of an extra room in your home. Build your gym to reflect your fitness and health goals. If you are looking to build a “zen den,” consider a meditation room or in-home spa. Homeowners who are looking to loose weight or get in shape should consider a home gym fully stocked with the latest fitness machines to help them achieve their goals.


When constructing a home gym, there are many elements you have to think through including the size of the room and how much equipment and gear your can fit, the type of equipment that will make the most of your space, the flooring to protect your investment and the room’s general design like wall color.


When considering the size of your space, leave as much open space as possible to keep the room flexible. You want the space to be able to grow with you as your fitness routine changes and intensifies. Make sure not to have too many distractions in the room, keep it clean so you don’t find your mind wandering during your workout. The gear inside the room should depend on your fitness goals and habits so that you don’t waste space and money on machines that will collect dust. Also remember that the majority of exercise machines require a power source so need to be placed in close proximity to an outlet.


Add a mirror to the room to perfect your form and give the illusion of having more space.


There are multiple options to consider when it comes to gym flooring. Rubber tiles are an easily installed option and are easily to clean, durable and shock resistant. These tiles are ideal for heavy lifters and relatively cost efficient. Rubber Rolls are similar to rubber tiles and provide the same durability and shock absorbency and are even more affordable than the tiles. Foam tiles and carpet are some of the cheapest options but do not provide as much durability and shock absorption as the previously mentioned options. If you’re concerned with the overall look of your gym but still care about its functionality, then consider artificial turf. Although it’s on the pricier side, it offers a sleek look that is ideal for bootcamp-style workouts. If your room is less of a home gym and more of a relaxation room or yoga studio, consider using wood floors and make sure to include a Nest Fragrance to fill your room with soothing scents.


The Spruce reports that the wall color of your gym can make or break the entire room. Get your heart pumping with bright bold colors like a red or orange accent wall or find peaceful vibes with a soft pastel like light blue or violet.

Cooking Up New Luxury Kitchen Features

Kitchens are the heart of the home. It is were your family and friends gather to bond over a meal and spend quality time together, which is why every detail should be well thought out to fit your family’s needs. Customize your kitchen with luxury details including a coffee bar, double ovens, easily cleaned back splashes and classic finishes.


Fuel your mornings with a personalized coffee order of barista quality courtesy of the Miele Plumbed Built-In Coffee System. Undeniably convenient features of the machine include as the CupSensor, a sensor to ensures that your machine is always stocked with cups, and the EasyClick milk system that prepares your coffee just right every single time. Customizable options include setting the temperature of your drink down to the degree, adjusting the amount your coffee is grinded and selecting the amount of each element dispensed. Your unique coffee order can be saved, making your favorite coffee order something you can make with your eyes closed.


Not only do double ovens make throwing a dinner party a seamless process, but also double ovens allow you to always be flexible. Don’t stress about keeping track of multiple cooking times and delaying your meals because you need the oven at different temperatures with the flexibility of having two ovens. You’ll never run out of space and you won’t have to worry about keeping your food warm because you can use one of your ovens as a warmer. If you don’t have the space for two ovens, consider getting a warming drawer. These smaller drawers will keep your meal warm until the second your family is ready to sit down together.


Probably the most fun part about designing your custom kitchen is picking all the finishes, including light fixtures, cabinets, counter-tops, backsplashes, flooring and seating options. Having a well lite kitchen is essential. Keep things bright with scattered sleek and stylish light fixtures. Online shops like AllModern have a wide variety of modern options to consider as lighting and finishing options for your kitchen. AllModern has a great selection of finishes at an affordable price, but can also be used for inspiration.


Seating is also an essential element of the perfect family kitchen. Make the most of your space with an island bar and sleek high-top chairs that will make quick meals and snacks a breeze. Choose a classically simple yet modern table for your kitchen’s breakfast nook like Knoll’s Saarinen tablev and chairs.


The absolute most important part of designing your dream kitchen is making sure that its comfortable for your family and fits all of their needs. Put four chairs at your kitchen bar for the four kids to scarf down breakfast before school together and put the toaster next to the built-in coffee machine so that you can pop your toast in the toaster and customize your coffee order while you wait for it to toast.