Florida expanding by over 900 citizens a day in 2019

With real estate at its pinnacle, Florida’s economy is bursting at the seams. The weather remains perfect as ever, and Miami one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, while further enriching its expansive diversity further and encompassing virtually every corner of the globe. As the UN recognizes World Population Day July 11th and one looks around at the growing metropolitan expanse that never loses its solar flair, it’s easy to see why life on the legendary southern tip of the Sunshine State is so coveted by the masses. Year-round summers when home is near so many famous beaches, and amazing nightlife hotspots, create a “permanent vacation” environment ideal for Florida’s population to grow by more than 900 people every single sunny day.
The causes creating such stunning statistics vary. Utopian climate, rich culture, economic incentives, and more, coalesce to mold a model landscape and visionary progress. Streets are a fusion of old colonial architecture and colorful neo-minimalism, shaped by the people that inhabit them, making Miami a social echo chamber of development on multiple planes.
Let’s explore some of these and learn why so many are migrating south, giving Florida the title of second fastest-growing state in the country for 3 years running, with no end in sight.
The first things that come to mind when some think of Florida are beautiful people soaking up the sun on golden beaches, strewn across sparkling shores or partying into the twilight with A-list celebrities at chic discotheques.
This is entirely accurate.
With weather this beautiful, the air pulls in a cross-section of influencers from all walks of life. Trendsetters, transnational entrepreneurs, artists, and more communities than you can imagine call Miami home, giving her a multicultural essence that gives off an exciting aroma, but then again, that could just be the Cuban coffee.
The climate is good for not only tanning but for taking advantage of those Golden Years, too. Another stereotype that fits is the number of retirees that flock to Florida for the health benefits provided by the sun. Icy weather ravages joints and bones, so what better way to treat yourself after all you’ve accomplished than lounging by the pool in the sun with a margarita to relax the body?
Strictly for medical reasons, of course.
Some of the best colleges in the world can be found in Florida, and graduating millennials are setting up shop in Miami, creating a white-collar boom filled by motivated young professionals from around the world. Every aspect of the economy is growing – from aerospace and aviation to art and agriculture, to international trade and financial services and life-sciences and tourism. Pick a business, you will find someone in The Magic City that is not only thriving in their market but is also a leader in that community.

One can actually see Miami’s growth as clusters of skyscrapers push the heavens higher and higher while spreading in diameter at what seems to be a quixotic pace. This feeds the infrastructure and overall quality of life – which is quite literally already the vision of paradise – fertilizing the atmosphere on too many levels to name.
Miami is also a haven of fiscal policies. Florida has no state income, inheritance, vehicle, or intangible tax. Though there is a 6% sales tax, this can be deducted to supplement your yearly return.
The logic behind the beachcomber
When examining the endless list of reasons Miami’s population is blowing up, it becomes evident that the city will continue to explode. A 209% rise in residents since 1970 has experts predicting a 14% increase to the more than 21 million residents. Estimates vary from one source to another, but all agree that Florida will continue to grow quickly.
It’s not surprising that real estate in Miami is trending upward with the movers and shakers of the world, creating a tropical oasis that is fueling this coast’s fertile ambiance. Culture and business bond in the Magic City, preserving the seaside paradise while stimulating a boundless expansion fueled by imagination.
And, of course, sun.