There’s No Excuse to Skip the Gym When it’s Down the Hall

Whether you’re an avid exerciser or looking for a way to make it impossible to skip your daily workout, building a home gym is a great way to make the most of an extra room in your home. Build your gym to reflect your fitness and health goals. If you are looking to build a “zen den,” consider a meditation room or in-home spa. Homeowners who are looking to loose weight or get in shape should consider a home gym fully stocked with the latest fitness machines to help them achieve their goals.


When constructing a home gym, there are many elements you have to think through including the size of the room and how much equipment and gear your can fit, the type of equipment that will make the most of your space, the flooring to protect your investment and the room’s general design like wall color.


When considering the size of your space, leave as much open space as possible to keep the room flexible. You want the space to be able to grow with you as your fitness routine changes and intensifies. Make sure not to have too many distractions in the room, keep it clean so you don’t find your mind wandering during your workout. The gear inside the room should depend on your fitness goals and habits so that you don’t waste space and money on machines that will collect dust. Also remember that the majority of exercise machines require a power source so need to be placed in close proximity to an outlet.


Add a mirror to the room to perfect your form and give the illusion of having more space.


There are multiple options to consider when it comes to gym flooring. Rubber tiles are an easily installed option and are easily to clean, durable and shock resistant. These tiles are ideal for heavy lifters and relatively cost efficient. Rubber Rolls are similar to rubber tiles and provide the same durability and shock absorbency and are even more affordable than the tiles. Foam tiles and carpet are some of the cheapest options but do not provide as much durability and shock absorption as the previously mentioned options. If you’re concerned with the overall look of your gym but still care about its functionality, then consider artificial turf. Although it’s on the pricier side, it offers a sleek look that is ideal for bootcamp-style workouts. If your room is less of a home gym and more of a relaxation room or yoga studio, consider using wood floors and make sure to include a Nest Fragrance to fill your room with soothing scents.


The Spruce reports that the wall color of your gym can make or break the entire room. Get your heart pumping with bright bold colors like a red or orange accent wall or find peaceful vibes with a soft pastel like light blue or violet.