Showroom Worthy Luxury Garages

Garages are often used for general storage, but make your garage showroom worthy with the latest technology to make sure you feel the luxury of your home in every corner.


With car lifts, you’ll sleep well at night knowing that all your toys are all protected in your garage. With the rise in popularity of electric cars, the latest luxury garages are equipped with electronic vehicle chargers. These chargers can be purchased at Home Depot for $650 and easily installed.


If space isn’t an issue, make yourself a “his and hers” garage. Pull her convertible in on one side of the garage and hang her yoga mat and free weights on the wall with customized storage. Park his sports car on the opposite side and hide away his tools and athletic gear in concealed storage. Keep an area in the middle to store tennis rackets and boating supplies that you enjoy with the whole family!