3 Ways to Stage a Bedroom for Different Buyers

When preparing to sell a home, one of the top items on my priority list is making sure that it is properly staged. Staging can have a profoundly positive impact on the purchase price. Many people focus on staging the common areas, but it’s equally important to stage the bedrooms to help buyers see how the entire home can fit their lifestyle.

Affluent Buyers

If property value is in the millions, buyers will expect the home to have spacious bedrooms. Highlight the best aspects of the room by clearing clutter and creating an inviting flow.

First Timer Buyers

Many first-time home buyers are young couples who are ready to start a family. By staging the bedroom as a children’s room, you may give them a way to visualize their new family in that home.

Young Professionals

Young professionals are career-minded people. By staging the bedroom as an office, you are showing them that they can have the space to pursue their professional endeavors at home as well, creating value for their life.

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