Homes for the Holidays

homes-holidaysMany people hesitate to place their home on the market during the holiday season, thinking prospective buyers are too busy with holiday activities to bother with looking at homes they might purchase.  However, historical data shows the holiday period to be a very good time to find a buyer.

People often have more time available during the holidays to inspect homes and make a purchase.  Also, with a certain number of owners holding off with listing their homes for sale until after the holidays, the competition with other similar properties on the market is lessened.  Considering all factors, the holiday period is a strategic time to list your home for sale.  During this time, prospective buyers tend to be more serious and committed to the idea of getting the deal done.

From a buyer’s perspective, the holidays are also a great time to seek out a home.  There is more free time to work with their Realtor in researching the market and inspecting selected homes.  And, if you find the right property, it becomes the centerpiece of your holiday celebrations; a special way to spend this year’s bonus and look forward to what next year will bring.

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